10 best podcasts to listen to at home

In this period of coronavirus and #iorestoacasa, closed within our four walls, there is more time to listen to one another but also to listen to good podcasts.

In this year of Vogue Italia Podcast, we have told icons, adventures, careers, stories, friendships and loves; we shared reflections and, hopefully, provided ideas. We celebrated fashion and its protagonists. Here are 10 podcasts to listen to now that you are at home.

Which podcast to listen to first? It depends on what you are looking for. Here are 10 tips for 10 aptitudes.

To reflect on today’s world

The current scenario forces us to reflect, to ask ourselves many questions about the meaning of things. Vogue Italia, which opens the doors of its world in recent months, with initiatives such as free access to the large archive and the possibility of downloading digital copies for free, has dedicated the March issue to questioning itself “On the fine line that divides reality and fiction in our times” as the director Emanuele Farneti writes in his editorial. In this period when, by necessity, the reports are filtered from a screen, listening to the editor’s voice while recounting the issue of the newspaper is an interesting starting point: “If real life becomes that filtered by a computer, we asked ourselves, will it be the same for beauty, which has always been the reference point of our system?”

For denim addicts

Not only for the days of #iorestoacasa: wearing a pair of jeans is a truly natural gesture for most human beings, since 60 pairs are sold every second in the world. Did you know that Mr. Levi Strauss has never worn a pair of denim despite having patented them? What does the date 20 May 1873 represent for jeans? And why did Bing Crosby risk being denied a hotel room? Have you ever wondered what denim sounds like? And how can you recognize a Levi’s, a Lee and a Wrangler simply by looking at a piece of fabric? Here is the podcast for all those who love anecdotes and their jeans:

For those who want to work in fashion

Last September, Vogue Talents celebrated its first ten years during fashion week. Born as an attachment of Vogue Italia, at the time when “very few believed in the new generation”, as Sara Sozzani Maino, Head of Vogue Talents explains, today Vogue Talents is a multimedia platform that has established itself as a reference point for creatives and talents scouts from all over the world, a network of people and activities that connects people and companies.

To find out what have been the evolution of Vogue Italia’s scouting that have seen Vogue Talents born and how the world of fashion has changed – and beyond – in this decade to talented stylists, we invite you to listen to this episode of “Inside Vogue Italia “where Sara Sozzani Maino converses with Paolo Ferrarini.

For fans of the Saint Laurent style

At the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Paris, the “Féminin singulier” exhibition celebrates the androgynous silhouette of the Saint Laurent woman, through the most beautiful items in Betty Catroux’s wardrobe. Like all museums, the Parisian institution is also temporarily closed but nobody forbids to dream of the visit and in the meantime to deepen the special liason that linked the great designer Yves Saint Laurent and his muse Betty Catroux who, with his androgynous body, inspired the tuxedo, iconic piece of the French couturier. Raffaele Panizza tells: “All her life she has been his inspiration, so, without obligations, without contracts. She says she has never really worked for him. Simply, and for thirty years straight, she has limited herself to being at his side: to raise , entertain, and make people dream “

For lovers of make-up and beauty

Not one, but two podcasts to listen to absolutely if you want to know two icons of the world of beauty and make-up:

Cupid (@cupidsvault) is a “digital poltergeist”, a 20-year-old visual artist, very popular on the net for his ability to change his face by creating real sculptures with various materials, from feathers to grass through hair and feathers . He is famous for having signed the visual of the cover of Willow Smith’s Willow album, as he told in the interview with Vittoria Filippi Gabardi of which you can listen to the podcast here:

Thomas de Kluyver instead, he is Gucci’s global make-up artist. His career started almost by chance, but it was not by chance that Alessandro Michele called him and wanted him as Gucci’s global make-up artist. Susanna Macchia interviewed him for the latest issue of Beauty in Vogue:

To listen to a testimony of courage in promoting diversity in fashion

Lea T, transgender model and rights activist of the LGBT community, is one of the most charismatic characters in the fashion world. Riccardo Tisci’s muse recounted his commitment to stimulate reflection on the importance of freedom, respect and the fight against violence in the first edition of L’Uomo Live, in dialogue with Francesca Guys, Fashion and Accessory Market Director of Vogue Italia and L’Uomo. A podcast to listen to to reflect on how much fashion can be an example in enhancing inclusion and promoting the richness of diversity:

To be inspired by the American dream

Who embodies, in fashion, the American dream better than Ralph Lauren born Lifshitz in the Bronx by Belarusian parents who came to America from a village called Pinsk? Giovanni Montanaro in his Masters of Fashion podcast he describes the stylist as “a poor boy, who became very rich, who changed his name to look more American, to be able to change his life too” . The story of the writer traces the career of Ralph Lauren, from his first experiences in retail to the design of the first ties, up to the entry into the world of casual wear with that symbol that is a lifestyle, the knight who plays polo. An exemplary life, even in the private côté, with a great love blossomed over 55 years ago and still solid with his wife Ricky:

To understand sustainable fashion

“It can really become the fashion industry sustainable, without denying the hedonism that has always animated it? “ This is the starting question of the interview with Naomi Klein, signed by Michele Masneri and published on the January issue of Vogue Italia. Listening to the words of the activist whose latest book is entitled “The world in flames” is an essential listening for all those who want to ask themselves about the meaning of fashion in a scenario such as the current one:

To dream of a cruise and travel with open eyes

Dedicated to those who want to daydream to sail to America on a cruise: the crossing of the Atlantic of the transatlantic Christopher Columbus, in 1956, saw eight noblewomen of “proven culture”, aboard and with the physique of mannequins, to represent as many fashion houses, led by Giambattista Giorgini, the organizer of the first fashion shows in Italy, first in his palace and then in the famous White Room in Florence. Their job, once landed in New York, was to spread Italian fashion in the United States, and conquer them, just like the leader who christened the transatlantic. Here is the story of that crossing that became a very long, informal, incredible, parade in the open sea:

For music lovers

For those who love jazz, but also love stories, the podcast dedicated to Louis Armstrong whose home museum is in fact in Queens, New York and has become an unmissable destination for those who visit the city. Lella Scalia’s story in the podcast read by Simone Tempia traces his career, travels between America and Europe, his love for Lucille Wilson, a dancer of the Cotton Club of New York thirteen years younger than him.

Here instead 10 podcasts to listen to celebrate women and femininity

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