10 royal marriages that ended in divorce

Royals are always believed to live a fairytale life. Or maybe Giselle had deluded us a little in the Disney movie As if by magic. But one is not always enough tiara to be happy. And these real divorces are an example.

The most famous is certainly the one between Prince Charles and Lady D

On 29 July 1981 the heir to the English throne married Diana Spencer in Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London. Despite the birth of two children, William and Harry, there are too many misunderstandings and betrayals that ruin the couple’s image and balance. They split in 1992 and their divorce was pronounced in 1996.

Then it’s Sarah and Andrea’s turn

In the same year, 1996, it is also up to Sarah Ferguson and the Prince Andrea, brother of Carlo. In 1986 the couple married in Westminster Abbey and two daughters were born from the union, Beatrice and Eugenia. Despite the end of love, the two exes remained close and on good terms.

© John Shelley Collection / Avalon

Princess Anna is no exception

Anna, second daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, separates from Captain Mark Phillips, whom he married in 1973. The couple divorced in 1992 after the scandalous discovery of a Mark Phillips relationship with another woman.

Margaret, who set the example

In short, the English monarchy is the most favorable to real divorces. The first historic farewell between there princess Margaret, Elizabeth II’s younger sister, and photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones, together since 1960. In 1978, after numerous rumors of Princess Margaret’s unfaithfulness, the couple separated and subsequently divorced.

Margaret and Tony Armstrong-Jones


The last (in chronological order)

2020 witnesses a new divorce in the Windsor house. David Armstrong-Jones, the Queen’s grandson and son of Princess Margaret, who passed away in 2002, divorced Irishwoman Serena Alleyne Armstrong-Jones after nearly 27 years of love.

David Armstrong-Jones and Serena

© Max Mumby / Indigo

In Munich, meanwhile

Even in the Principality of Monaco there are rumors and goodbyes. Princess Carolina, eldest daughter of Rainier III and Princess Grace, in 1978 he married Philippe Junot, a well-known playboy. Two years later, in 1980, the couple separated and subsequently divorced.

Carolina and Philippe Junot

© Michel Dufour

After Caroline, her sister Stéphanie

StéphanieCarolina’s sister divorced Daniel Ducruet, his old bodyguard, who he married in 1995, in 1996. Two children were born from their marriage, Pauline et Louis. In 2003, Princess Stéphanie of Monaco married Adans Lopez Peres, a Portuguese acrobat from whom she later divorced in 2004.

Stéphanie of Monaco with Daniel Ducruet

© Stephane Cardinale – Corbis

From Luxembourg to Denmark

Prince Louis of Luxembourg, son of Grand Duke Enrico and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, he married Tessy Antony in 2006, with whom he had two children. In 2017, the couple divorced.

In Denmark, Prince Joachim in 1995 he married Alexandra Manley, a banker with whom he had two children. They divorced after 10 years of marriage in 2005.


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