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Habits change, fitness exercises remain. Because if it is true that when you can’t go to the gym or run, the way you train can change, the movements that make the difference (toning and burning fat) remain the same. And maybe you can learn to train more consistently, perhaps in less time but with greater concentration. Which is a bit of a secret to staying healthy as well as fit. Here you find 10 total body fitness exercises to train in 22 minutes. In short, in half an hour – if we also add the shower time – you can already consider yourself toned, “stretchati“And clean. Isn’t it bad?

Workout in 22 minutes: timing

The training is constituted – as suggested also by the site Fixfit.it – ​​in 4 minutes of stretching, 10 of cardio, 8 of muscle toning and a series of small breaks. In jargon it is called HIIT – high-intensity interval and it is a medium / high intensity workout that accelerates the metabolism. The somewhat unusual timing, 22 minutes, is also the protagonist of the fitness series on sale on Amazon 22 Minute Hard Corps. And indeed, if the search is done in English, the videos multiply. It will be that “22” is the magic number of fitness. It is worth trying inspired by the series of total body fitness exercises also proposed by npr.org and certified by the personal trainer Bryant Johnson.

The cardio series

After him stretching the cardio section starts for 2 minutes. It is a series to be repeated twice in a row. Each exercise should be performed at maximum intensity for 40 seconds. Between each exercise, count 20 seconds of rest.

The toning series

The second part focuses precisely on the muscles and theirs definition. The proposed series must be repeated twice. Here the exercises are performed for 50 seconds with a 10-second break between one and the other. At the end of these 8 minutes of toning, we recommend (at least) 2 minutes of stretching.

  • plank or pushups

  • squats (you can also do them by sitting down and getting up from a chair)

  • abdominals: lie on your back and bend your “butterfly” legs with the soles of your feet touching. At this point rise up bringing your hands over your feet

  • slow mountain climber: get on the plank with your arms stretched out and bring your knees, one at a time, towards the opposite elbow (right knee / left elbow and left knee / right elbow).

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