11 Cheap and Cozy Sweaters to Wear This Fall

Not to sound boring, but I tend to be a picky shopper when it comes to sweaters. Maybe it’s because I can spot the difference between an expensive model and an affordable model, but regardless, I have an eye for luxurious knits. Now when I wish I could always spring for the designer brand this is not always the case, which is why today, there are a dozen sweaters which are really affordable but which do not seem so.

Of course, I’m talking about the fall sweaters from our own Who What Wear collection, which at under $ 40 could easily look a lot more expensive. As you’re about to see below, bold prints like houndstooth and zebra and chunky oversized knits are some of the details of the sweater that pass my test and look luxurious. . Plus, they’re an easy way to make your wardrobe more “fun” without much effort. To see the outfit inspiration and buy our sweaters for yourself, keep scrolling,

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