15 Best Eyebrow Pencils, According to People With Good Brows

To fill in your eyebrows, these tips can help:

1. Start in the arches: “Then work towards the tails, then move forward,” Healy says. “I like to start and focus the color more towards the center outwards, then become very light on the front. This doesn’t mean that you have to do the ombre eyebrow, where it blends in with the dark, but just make sure the front of the forehead, again, isn’t harsh as it begins. “

2. Use a light hand: “Come in and make tiny movies in areas that have big spaces,” Bailey says. “It is much easier to make thinner strokes with deeper pencils because they are more pigmented. Applying light pressure, the result will leave you with a ultrathin and hair-like line. The lighter the shade, the more pressure you have to apply to apply, and the strokes get much, much wider. He also recommends leaving touches of skin between each stroke, which creates a textured effect.

3. Do not color the whole thing by: Healy says a mistake people often make is to draw the forehead and then fill it in like paint with numbers. “You just want to use the pencil where you need it most. If you have a good color match, you can just use it in the front, just use it at the end, just use it on a little space., but you don’t want to go in and just fill it all in like a pencil, “he explains. Use a very light hand in the front.

4. Use a spoolie to mix: “Sometimes with crayons people try to emulate hair-like features by drawing unblended lines on their eyebrows,” Healy says. “It doesn’t look natural; make sure you use the spoolie on the other side to blend. This is another tip for buying a pencil: make sure you have a spoolie and that it is retractable and triangular. “

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