15 Creative and Easy Oversized Blazer Outfits

Before you do whatever it takes (i.e. your biggest, warmest coats), oversized blazers are the perfect layer of light to spend fall in stylish comfort. The style of the throw is effortless and chic, and when it comes to options, there are tons of them. However, as a person who is 5ft 2in tall, sometimes an outfit looks great in my head, but after putting it on IRL I tend to look like I’m swimming in a sea of ​​fabric. Over the years, I’ve gotten used to styling my petite stature and making people think I’m taller than me (it’s a lifestyle). So while yes, I like an oversized fit more than the next person, there are a few outfit formulas that I’m interested in to stay on trend but also stay in my comfort zone.

With that said, I’ve rounded up 15 outfits that have managed to be flattering with my size, but are also worn by some of your favorite fashion girls on the internet. They designed this staple in a simple and creative way, so scroll forward to take a look for yourself.

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