15 Wide-Leg Pant Outfits That Look Good With Everything

I’m just going to go out and say it: skinny jeans are officially removed from my closet. Sorry if that sounds a bit dramatic, but let me explain. No matter what you think of classic denim, there’s no denying that looser trouser shapes are the dominant silhouette when it comes to jeans and slacks and my own closet is proof of that.

I recently did a huge closet cleaning and in doing so realized that almost all of the pants and jeans I had ditched were slim, fitted cuts. I owned several pairs at one point, but since then I have found myself increasingly drawn to relaxed pant silhouettes, and the fashion world is in perfect accord. There is definitely something cool about the wide, chunky pants, and not to mention, they made more sense than ever this year as comfort has become our top priority when we dress. Casual but still polished pants may be the solution to prevent another sag in the sweatpants.

I have a strong feeling that once you see how chic the world of fashion is when it comes to wide leg pants, you’ll agree with me here, so scroll down for some ideas. style and shop my favorite pairs.

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