20 Nap Dresses I Never Want to Take Off

Don’t take the name too literally, however. While you could theoretically wear a nap dress in bed, it’s not just a nightgown. The idea is that these dresses can be put on without a problem, are comfortable and non-binding, can be worn without a bra, and tend to suit all body types. They blur the lines between what you could wear to bed and what you could wear for a chic brunch.

As someone who barely sleeps much and certainly never naps (I have a full-time job and a full-time kid!), There is certainly a calming allure and escape to nap dresses – maybe that’s why i can’t seem to get enough. Lucky for me, they’re staying next year too. We spotted nightgown-style dresses all over the S / S 21 catwalks, from Copenhagen to Milan.

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