20 Quilted Patchwork Jackets That Are So Chic

There’s a coat trend stalking me on Instagram. The more i thought About the coat, plus it shows up remarkably on my Instagram explore page – enticing me with its unique modern-vintage-grandma vibe. I imagine myself cocooned living my happiest winter life. Yeah, ok so maybe i’m a little obsessed but it’s hard not to be. The mattress toppers I’m talking about are quilted coats but not just any old quilted coats. These are special handcrafted or reworked jackets, assembled from old quilts or some sort of patchwork of fabrics, creating a masterful ensemble of sartorial beauty.

I spotted the style for the first time on the fashion maven @prosenkilde and since then I continue to spot the trend on cool fashion girls all over the place which calls for maximalist fun this fall. Any type of bedding you can Actually wearing outside the bedroom is a winner in my book.

After a few (okay, copious) hours of research, I learned that these coats aren’t exactly easy to find. There are incredible independent upcycling brands like Psychic Outlaw and Upcycled Gypsy that create bespoke quilted coats, while designer brands like Bode and Sea make epic quilted jackets to wear forever (albeit with a price tag). slightly higher). Etsy and Ebay can also be a treasure trove of quilted gems. If you’re feeling really obsessed like me, scroll down below to shop for some of my favorite finds.

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