2020 Fashion: essential items for smartworking

To do smartworking without sacrificing style, here are the items that cannot be missing in your wardrobe

The smarworking it is an increasingly concrete reality. Working from home it has indeed proved to be a real necessity, and the frenetic rhythms of office life, as well as the professional wardrobe, have undergone a drastic change of course. The elegant dress or trousers, the heel and the boot, are replaced by more comfortable and informal outfits, such as pajamas, suits, or sportswear. At the same time, it is right to take some days to dress well, rediscovering the taste of choosing what to wear, of combining clothes and accessories, creating an ad hoc look. To do this, you need to find the right balance with the casual allure of the smartworking: the pump or the ankle boot is replaced with the slipper, elegant trousers or jeans find an excellent alternative in comfy models but from the couture approach, the jewelry is simple and minimal – everything aims to achieve maximum comfort without sacrificing style. So here it is the 6 essential items to have the perfect smartworking wardrobe.


The pants it is perhaps the element to pay more attention to. A skinny model, or on the contrary too wide and light, would be uncomfortable to work from home, especially if you prefer the comfort of a sofa or sofa at the table. On the one hand, there is the option of couture pajamas, silk creations decorated with feathers or jewel buttons, which they have the right dose of comfort and elegance. For those who prefer something more urban, the best choice is i sport trousers. Far from technical clothing designed for training, i comfy pants are designed on the silhouettes of gym tracksuits, with elastic waist, drawstring closure, with wide or narrow edges at the ankles. Comfortable and versatile at the right point, this garment is often declined by designers in feminine and precious materials, like lace and velvet.


If the trousers tend to softness, the top must instead remain more tight, to always have a neat allure. On one side there is the side of the crop top, ideal if you want to combine your personal style with seasonal trends. Presented on the catwalk by many brands, it is among the most loved garments by celebrities such as Hailey Bieber, not to mention that, in the version Bralette, has conquered Katie Holmes, Gwyneth Paltrow is Kristen Stewart. If, on the contrary, you prefer something long, nothing better than the body, which adapts perfectly to the body, for total freedom of movement.


To fully enjoy the feeling of home comfort, thesmartworking outfits should be completed with a soft cardigan. Long, crop or medium length, these knitwear are the compromise between a more elegant sweater and a too sporty sweatshirt, not to mention the climatic aspect – the not too heavy fabrics are ideal for the light cold of spring. If your look is made up of printed trousers, focus on solid color and on the simplicity of design, without embroidery, decorations or jewel buttons. If on the contrary you have opted for a basic aesthetic with top and pants, you can treat yourself to a touch of flair with a cardigan in pastel colors, with sequin details, or with printed motifs.


Surely heels and boots are too exaggerated for smartworking, but this does not mean that you need to spend internal days in slippers. The slippers they are a lifeline – comfortable, low, and very quick to wear. The choice is very wide: there are leather models, with strap, with metal buckles, or even more traditional versions such as velvet slippers, inspired by the shoes of Venetian gondoliers and said furlane. However, since it is a set to work from home, it is better to opt for simplicity, with neutral colors and basic uppers, without prints or decorations.


When it comes to smartworking clothing a particular item seems to be excluded from the conversation: the dress. Wearing a suit at home always raises some doubts and uncertainties. It is thought that it is too elegant for the context, that you risk ruining it, or that it is not exactly the most comfortable choice. How to combine the desire to show off a nice dress with the practical needs related to smartworking? The answer is theknitted dress. Soft, light and essential in design, this garment can replace the top and pants combo giving a twist easy chic to our days, without detracting from comfort points in any way. Also in this case, the colors are nudefrom black to beige to cream, the cut is clean and essential, and the silhouette is slightly fitted – a mix that will make us feel elegant even within the walls of the house.


Few are the accessories that are granted to smartworking. Having to deprive of bags, sunglasses, hats and scarves, we can instead allow ourselves to wear some jewel. THE simple bijoux, such as necklaces with delicate pendants, small hoop earrings, chain bracelets or rings with a minimal design, are perfect to give light and preciousness to our outfit, without leading to exaggeration. It really is enough a golden point of light to make the look sophisticated and very chic.

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