2020 fashion necklaces: torque for the spring outfit

There spring summer 2020 fashion raise them torque necklaces: a simple round of rigid material that adorns the neck, as well as the spring outfit. Hardness and non-deformability distinguish it from the simplest choker: it is in fact the twist, of metal or plexiglass, that defines it as such.


Proenza Schouler

Salvatore Ferragamo

The design is simple: maxi rings that have the particularity of being rigid. Transparent ones with colored inclusions of Salvatore Ferragamo; are those of Chloé with pendant rings. The necklaces of Valentino: this time the circle has a large diameter and brings with it an important pendant, which make us reflect on the relationship between Art-jewel-body.



The torque necklace not only adorns the blouse (Chloé) or the dress (Proenza Schoulder), but dresses. A geometric jabot comes down from Balmain’s choker that covers like a top.

All Blues

Barbara Biffoli

Alexander McQueen

Bulgari Alta Gioielleria

Bottega Veneta

Alessandra Rich

Sylvia Toledano

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