2020 Fashion: outfits inspired by the film Emma

2020 fashion finds in the costumes of the film Emma the inspiration for romantic and feminine outfits

The director Autumn de Wilde brings one of the most loved classics to Jane Austen: Emma. Interpreted by Anya Taylor-Joy, the protagonist has an exuberant, lively, at times capricious personality, and represents a unique in the production of Austen, whose heroines often improve their social position through marriage. It is not the case with Emma Woodhouse, which the author herself defines “Beautiful, intelligent and rich”. In making a film that best expressed the spirit of the novel and theRegency era, an important element is given by morals. Created by Alexandra Byrne, who already in 1995 had experimented with a work by Austen making the clothes for Persuasion of Roger Michell, the stage costumes are sumptuous, with colorful floral embroidery and lace edges, combined with extravagant accessories such as hats covered with feathers, crystal choker and dangling earrings. Linked by a fil rouge of pastel colors and light fabrics, the customs of Emma represent the perfect inspiration for anyone who loves one romantic and nostalgic style, with attention to every detail and rich in details and decorations.


The Regency style it developed in England between 1811 and 1820, and was characterized by a return to the forms ofclassical antiquity. The softness of the Greek-Roman peplum influenced the creation of tight dresses at chest height and with a long straight skirt. Often in very light muslin, Regency clothes were in delicate and pastel shades like antique pink, canary yellow, blue, pistachio green, but the color par excellence remained white.

Recreate this style in the 2020 fashion it means focusing on dresses with an almost princely cut, decorated with embroidery and crystals, with collars rich in ruffles and ruffles, with lace and ribbons that cannot be missing, whether you choose a short or a long model. In short, the watchword is romance.


Hats or hair accessories are a fundamental element of the Regency style. The hairstyles, defined to the Tito, took up the very tight curls of the ancient busts, and to keep them fixed and motionless we often resorted to ribbons and clothespins, not to mention the absolute importance of the hat, essential in the wardrobe of the time.

Anya Taylor-Joy in a scene from the film

Short behind, with wide visor in front and tied with a bow under the chin, i Regency hats they had maxi dimensions, and were embellished with feathers, fabric flowers and colored ribbons. Today, you can opt for large woven straw hats with details and applications, and an alternative for those who do not like this accessory are decorated headbands.


The Regency shoes are ancestors of the mules and of the ankle boots. In fact, ankle boots with low heels tied on the front were used in everyday life, while for the evening they opted for very elegant shoes, often in satin or silk, always with a low heel, which left the instep uncovered ending with a slight tip in the front.

For the 2020 fashion you can bet on ankle boots colored, lace-up or slip on models without buttons or zippers, or for mules in printed fabric, perhaps with floral motifs, set with hard stones and crystals, or with bows and ruffles.


There bag at the time it was small, in fabric, and strictly for the wrist. The main reason was the comfort: in fact, you had to leave your hands free to keep the hem of long dresses raised, to dance, or to carry out simple activities such as drinking tea during a reception.

For this reason, the models to choose from are small, with a soft or semi-rigid structure, with a small and thin handle to be worn on the wrist. Here too the decoration is fundamental: free rein to the imagination with feathers, pearls and sequins.


THE jewelry they are an accessory that does not often appear in films taken from Jane Austen, excluding Emma. Her privileged condition allows her to show off earrings with pearls, thin necklaces with small pendants, bracelets and gold rings. A glitz denied a Elizabeth Bennet of Pride and Prejudice and at Dashwood sisters of Reason and feeling.

In the 19th century i jewelry in fact they were almost exclusively a family inheritance or a wedding gift, a privilege of wealthy families. With the arrival of the fashion jewelry and gods bijoux, it is now possible to enjoy the pleasure of wearing necklaces, bracelets and brooches, and to do it in pure style Emma the main ingredients are le pearls, loved by nineteenth-century women.

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