2020 Fashion: shoes to combine with the short suit

The 2020 fashion suit is strictly short, so choosing the right shoe is essential

The short suit it is among the freshest and most interesting trends of the spring summer 2020. His mix of male silhouettes and childish lengths made him the protagonist not only of the fashion shows, but also of the street style. By shortening the hem, it is inevitable that attention will fall on the shoe, which must therefore be chosen carefully to give balance to the entire look. The sandal it throws the figure highlighting the ankle and calf, theamphibian it is more casual and plays down the chic allure of the suit, while the stringata it makes it elegant enough to be able to use it during the day. Here are the perfect shoe models to wear with the short suit.


There 2020 fashion it was defined during the fashion month, between show, front row and street look. Designers and celebrities seem to prefer a particular type of shoe, which perfectly enhances the silhouette of the short suit: the sandal. More sparkling than a pump and more elegant than a flat shoe, the sandal is an excellent mix of style and practicality.

To present it is Bottega Veneta, which focuses on the chromatic contrast between the gray of his suit and the baby blue of his leather sandals with braided heeled, which also appeared in the street style. They follow Chloé is Valentino, who instead opt for neutral shades for their sandals with heels tied at the ankle. Low and open shoe for Sportmax, which presents a model of a delicate ecru color with braided ankle laces, a comfortable and at the same time very feminine variant.

Bottega Veneta Spring Summer 2020

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Chloé Spring Summer 2020

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Valentino Spring Summer 2020

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Sportmax Spring Summer 2020

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The most elegant and ideal combination to show off in the evening is certainly the one with the pump. This particular shoe with a thin heel, with clean and tapered lines, greatly enhances the leg and the figure, and has always been part of the night wardrobe.

Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2020

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Saint Laurent shows us how to match it to the short suit by playing with different finishes and materials: matte leather for the bermuda, bright sequins for the jacket, and shiny varnish with golden metal tip for the shoes.


The slipper with wide central band they were rediscovered after a long period of absence dating back to the late 90s. If for a long time we relegated them to beach or swimming pool clothing, numerous brands have conquered us with their couture models, making them become a trend model . For the spring summer 2020 they think about it Tod’s is Givenchy to propose them in elegant nude colors such as beige and brown, obviously combined with splendid short suits.

Tod’s Spring Summer 2020

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Givenchy Spring Summer 2020

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The option of lace it is the most suitable for the informal and professional day. Low, comfortable, but with an elegant and refined design, they are shoes with a bon ton soul that harmonizes well with the slightly childish aesthetics of the short suit.

Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2020

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A splendid outfit to inspire is that seen on the catwalk of Dolce & Gabbana, which combine colorful and lively prints with a pair of lace-ups decorated with aqua green details – the result is a cheerful, playful and very glamorous outfit.


The high boot is a real revelation when it comes to pairing with the short suit. In fact, one could hesitate to wear it, for fear of causing a too marked contrast with the length of the Bermuda shorts. In fact, the combination proves to be a winner and ultra chic.

Max Mara Spring Summer 2020

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Starting from the shows, to choose high ton sur ton boots with the suit is Max Mara, which brings out a refined and feminine look for her spring summer 2020. High boots are also a favorite of the it girl, who showed them off during the fashion week.


L’amphibian is a shoe with a punk soul, capable of giving a aggressive and rock twist to every look. For this reason, when combined with a suit with Bermuda shorts, amphibians turn the rigorous aesthetic of the outfit, giving it a more informal and casual touch.

Dior Spring Summer 2020

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A perfect example is the look that Maria Grazia Chiuri created for Dior: the ankle boot is high at the calf, the jacket is flared with a striped pattern that is recalled by the shorts, all complemented by a sailor hat and the iconic Saddle bag. The result? An absolutely impeccable outfit.

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