2020 summer fashion: jewels to wear

Jewelry and accessories 2020, the news of the new spring summer season

We make order between colors, shapes, different backgrounds and materials. While fashion is already projecting towards spring summer, jewelry and accessories always stand out in the panorama of everything we will wear to feel in step with the taste that evolves reflecting customs and aspirations.

They call them trends, sometimes they seem courses and recurrences of effects already experienced, yet thanks to what I don’t know how difficult to grasp, there is a sort of magic in discovering that “this” we had never seen.


Here the torque necklace is an ancient ornament and particularly loved for its ancestral dimension. The stylists play in bringing together the ancient and the modern, the contemporaneity surpasses with the transparent torque of Salvatore Ferragamo, or dotted with pearls, precious gems and mini bow tie by the unmistakable Chanel.

Chain for glasses

Long live the accessory, cheeky, unexpected, playful. Stella McCartney conceives the chain for glasses to create an unpredictable jewel-accessory that matches with a look that is unrivaled. Gucci opts for eye-catching rings that stand out on coats to create an “accessory in the accessory”: necklaces, glasses or scarves? This is the pleasant feeling of disorientation. Geometric, square, provocative shapes for those who are not afraid of excesses.

Sautoir necklace

An ornament with a vintage flavor and precisely for this unforgettable, always nostalgic. Necklaces up to the waist peep out as they dot clothes, sweaters and coats, sometimes forming a real decoration along most of the body, as in the maxi necklace by Armani, covered with large circles to build a constellation of unusual colors and shapes .

Jewelry coordinated with makeup

It is a nice, witty fashion that Valentino and Area bring on the catwalk: the first playing on tone on tone, the second with decorations, real jewels, which cover the face like a makeup. And so even make-up and jewelery dialogue pleasantly with each other!

Over earrings

Amazing: from the leaf-shaped earrings in nappa leather by Stella McCartney to the geometries of Jeremy Scott, to the maxi circles of Prabal Gurung or ACT N. 1 which is sometimes inspired by more rudimentary shapes, sometimes by very elegant decorations. Halpern creates real compositions of gems to cover the entire lobe.


Could they be missing? A sparkling, summer fashion that always makes you happy. It is Oscar de la Renta who brings them back on the catwalk like a sueƱo. And it also appears in the form of a strap-jewel in the spring summer 2020 shoes.


A dip into the colors and shapes of summer with Anna Sui’s cameos: fresh and lively necklaces obtained from the very special embroidered shirts. The skill of the stylists lies in playing more and more, without losing even a shadow of the charm that emanates from the cameo tradition.

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