Kamala Harris Styled Timberlands With Skinny Jeans

As I pointed out last month, Senator Kamala Harris has been wearing her signature pearl necklaces for over 30 years, so it’s obvious that it won’t stop now that she is officially the Democratic candidate for vice-president. presidency. However, while we’re used to seeing her wearing pearls with pantsuits for big speeches and debates, her … Read more

Noah Reid on Art in Dark Times, His New TIFF Short Film, and Schitt’s Creek

image courtesy of Timelapse Pictures and Big & Quiet PicturesHis new short film, The Archivists, is now available on TIFF’s digital cinema platform. By Pahull Bains Date September 16, 2020 facebook-icon twitter-icon Schitt Creek is one of the most watched shows during the lockdown and Noah Reid, who played Patrick Brewer on the beloved series, … Read more

Who Will Take Home TV’s Top Prizes?

In a year that feels increasingly like a time warp, it’s fitting that the 2020 Emmy Awards would also be so bizarre. Not only were there some surprising nomination snubs—including little recognition for Pose or The Plot Against America and practically no love for trans or Latinx performers—but the ceremony itself will look notably different. … Read more