24 Fall Fashion Staples Trending at Nordstrom

If I’m shopping for myself or browsing sites to find gems for others, I often make Nordstrom one of my first destinations. As you are probably well aware, the retailer has a wide range of top-notch items from basics to designer finds. What I always find particularly intriguing is that when you navigate to a specific product page, you can often see how many other people are also viewing an item, shown in red letters below the product description. Those question pieces with a high audience are more or less trending in a way because you can literally see the huge number of people eyeing the article.

So with that, I thought it might be fun to scroll through the pages and product pages to find a handful of fall staples that I not only love, but that seem to generate interest as well. other customers with hundreds of viewers collectively. Keep scrolling to check my curation. You can just spot an item (or two) to mix into your fall offer.

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