24 Matching Knit Lounge Sets That Are Cozy and Chic

There is no doubt that loungewear has been a big part of our wardrobes in 2020 – with a myriad of new casual styles catapulted to Instagram glory – read, living room-worthy one-piece. , oversized sweatpants, nap dresses and tubular socks. There’s one cozy-chic trend, in particular, that outshines all others – and fashion-girls just can’t seem to get enough of it. Were talking matching knitting sets. Whether it’s a cardigan, bra and shorts trio, or a skirt and cropped top set, stylish raised mesh is dominating our flows right now and at all of our favorite retailers. This matching set is not only perfect for warming up now that we’re falling down, but it also looks really luxurious. Take inspiration from the cozy-chic trend below and shop our favorite matching knitting sets below.

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