25 Knit Clothing Pieces We’re Currently Eyeing

Boring sweaters, who? This fall, knitwear takes on a whole new category that goes way beyond your standard sweaters. Knitwear had a strong presence on the Fall 2020 runway shows with designers like Dion Lee creating silhouettes of cool knit dresses and Jacquemus’ famous knit bras. Think knit bra tops, sweater sets, knit bodysuits, knit skirts – you name it, there’s a knit version of it and, surprise, today I’m dedicating a space entirely to my favorites.

I don’t know about you, but as soon as I started falling I suddenly became low-key and obsessed with knitwear to the point that that’s all I filled my basket with. And considering all the new micro-trends emerging this season like turtlenecks and tank and cardigan sets, can you even blame me for a bit too far? If you also fancy donning some cool knits this fall, look no further in the 25 pieces below that are above the rest.

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