25 Stunning Art Deco Engagement Rings

The decision to invest in a vintage Art Deco engagement ring or opt for a more modern Art Deco-inspired piece is entirely up to the customer. Of course, genuine vintage pieces are unique and have an invaluable historical feel that no modern jeweler can recreate.

In addition, these coins can even increase in value over time. Modern pieces, on the other hand, usually offer a more subtle interpretation of style. Jewelers are able to choose which Art Deco design elements they wish to feature, instead of including a geometric design, layered diamonds, and a colorful center stone in each piece.

Whether you are looking to purchase an Art Deco inspired ring or looking for the perfect vintage piece, you can purchase the ring of your dreams online at the following retailers:

Former: Brilliant Earth, Etsy, Filligree Jewelers, James Allen, Period Jewelry

Modern: KatKim, Catbird, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Ashley Zhang Jewelry

Below, check out the 25 most beautiful vintage and modern Art Deco engagement rings.

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