25 Times That Celebs Had the Best Shoulder-Length Hairstyles

Finding a universally flattering hairstyle can be tricky. Of course, there are certain hairstyles that people keep coming back to. For example, we Brits are totally obsessed with bob hairstyles for winter 2019, but depending on your hair type and texture, it is often necessary to make adjustments to make certain trendy hairstyles work for you. IRL. However, it turns out that there is one hairstyle that really suits everyone, and without wanting to have too much, it’s because of this winning combination of being neither too long nor too short. Yes, a classic shoulder length hairstyle works for all hair types, from curly hair to super thick straight hair to super thin strands. Why? Well, there are no rules when it comes to medium length hair. Wear it layered or with bangs, blunt or parted center; it is fully customizable for you.

Ready to embrace that intermediate hair life? Keep scrolling for 25 Celebs Proving Medium Length Hair is Right for Everyone.

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