27 Blunt Bob Haircuts That Are So Easy to Style

Maybe it’s the turning point of the season, or maybe it’s my ADD playing tricks on me, but I’m in the mood to cut my hair. This is not common for me; As a curly-haired queen who regularly warms my shoulder-length locks, I’m constantly looking for ways to keep the length, not get rid of it. But, there is one haircut that I keep seeing that is so chic and attractive that it took me seconds away to schedule a hair date anytime: the blunt bob.

You might be wondering why this particular cup speaks directly to my soul, and the answer is simple. Aside from the fact that every celebrity currently wearing the austere yet playful cut looks incredibly cool, now is the time for me to cut some heat damage, and I’d love to do it in style. So like a real beauty editor, I scoured the internet for the best blunt bobs to add to my “new hair, who say” vision board. Ahead, 27 styles to die for.

Oh, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted on my personal style change.

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