3 Affordable Fall Basics From Amazon, Reviewed

I would say ordering the basics of ordering on Amazon isn’t easy, when it comes to shopping. The options are vast and things can get overwhelming quickly, but I’m here to help. My # 1 tip is to restrict offerings to internal Amazon Fashion brands. A lot of its brands happen to be staple brands, and in my experience the quality is surprisingly good considering the price.

Recently on one of the first fall days of the year, I added three basics that caught my eye on my basket: a fluffy gray sweater, a pair of dark wash straight leg jeans, and a fleece sweater that looks like something I may have slipped out of my husband’s closet (in a good way). When they arrived at my door two days later, I was so happy with my purchases that I decided to write a few reviews. Keep scrolling through my unfiltered thoughts on items and buy them for yourself.

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