3 Tips for Looking Younger Than Your Age From a Stylist

You often hear the expression “age is just a number”. Still, if you ask a room of adults if they’d like to know how to look younger, we bet most would put up their hands. If you are part of the set that would have your arms up (including me), this article is for you. If you care less, we’ve got a ton of other great content.can we direct you to some winter outfit ideas or a piece on bag trends?

We don’t aim to cast aging in a negative light (hey, that’s literally part of being human), but there are just a few styling habits that can make you look older and others that can. make you look younger. Do what you want with this information, but to make sure it is the best information we can collect, we brought in a great expert. Read on to discover the wisdom of Dani Michelle, one of the most requested celebrity stylists who works with varying ages.

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