4 Ways to Get Radiant, Even-Looking Skin, According to An Expert

Even if you are the most dedicated and attentive skincare user, you might still end up with dull skin and dark spots. (You have to thank factors like accidental sun exposure, pollution, and your skin’s natural aging cycle for this.) But there are simple changes you can make to your routine to address these concerns. Dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD, shares her top tips for boosting your glow and even skin tone so you can show off your most radiant face.

Exfoliate with a gentle cleanser

Gentle exfoliation is the key to revealing brighter, more even skin. “Exfoliation is important because it helps in regeneration and renewal of cells, and without it other ingredients cannot penetrate your skin,” Gohara explains. She suggests scrubbing once or twice a week using a mild soap-free cleanser with neutral pH (like this creamy formula from Cetaphil.)

Be aware of the pressure you apply as you exfoliate. Gohara explains that rubbing the skin too hard can create microtrauma (i.e. small injuries – like tears – on the skin) and ultimately lead to more hyperpigmented areas.

Use vitamins C and E in your skin routine

According to Gohara, adding skin care products that contain both vitamins C and E to your routine can help increase radiance, decrease dark spots, and prevent new spots from forming. She says serums and creams containing these vitamins work together to help repair oxidative stress on your skin. “You always see vitamins C and E together because they work synergistically to fight oxidative damage from UV exposure, natural aging, pollution and even while sitting in front of your computer screen,” she says.

Our product choices containing these vitamins include PCA SKIN C&E Advanced (a mild antioxidant treatment for the face and neck) and the new C&E Advanced Hand Renewal (an anti-aging antioxidant hand concealer). You can use both products directly after cleaning.

Go for a tinted SPF

Transparent tint with broad spectrum SPF 45


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Wearing an SPF daily can do more than protect your skin from the sun’s rays (which can cause changes to your skin, including painful burns and areas of hyperpigmentation). Gohara suggests adding a mineral-based tinted sunscreen that contains the active ingredient Iron Oxide (like PCA SKIN Sheer Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 45) to your line to help visibly even out your skin tone.

“[Sunscreens containing iron oxide] They have been proven to defend not only your skin against UV rays, but also the blue light from your technology devices and fluorescent lighting in your office, ”she says. “For some skin types, this blue light is a definite factor in uneven skin tone.”

Enter the regenerative cycle of your skin

Fun fact: Your skin’s regeneration cycle happens at night and turns completely around every 28 days. A double dose of antioxidants during your evening skincare routine can help invigorate your complexion. Finish your day using PCA SKIN’s Vitamin C&E Advanced. Then incorporate a retinoid-based moisturizer into the range. “Retinoids are very effective in treating hyperpigmentation,” Gohara explains. “Using one at night is a great way to chemically exfoliate your skin while its proverbial plant is open.”

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