41 Chic Fashion Items That Promote Getting Out the Vote

It is true that politicians and the media are calling each election “the most important election of our time”, but it is actually this time. If you pay attention to news and / or social media, you know the many reasons for this. It’s easy to feel hopeless and confused in these unprecedented times, but better to feel motivated and energized, which is contagious. The most important thing you can do in 2020 is vote and, in turn, encourage others to do the same. If you’ve been browsing your Instagram feed lately, you’ve probably seen a lot of celebrities and fashion brands doing their part to make this point clear.

National Voter Registration Day was a few weeks ago, and with that, tons of new merchandise celebrated and encouraged the right to vote, and much of it just happens to be very stylish. Feeling overwhelmed with all the options available, I did my part and compiled 35 of my favorite voting-themed fashion articles, many of which donate a portion of the proceeds or profits from sales to good causes.

Keep scrolling to buy them all, and I strongly encourage you to order your favorites ASAP as Election Day is approaching quickly and many items are out of stock.

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