44 Stylish Fall Fashion, Home, and Beauty Items to Shop Now

I took a little shopping break over the summer when I had a strict policy of promptly deleting all inbound emails from my favorite brands and retailers. But I have to admit: I’m back. The floodgates reopened over the Labor Day weekend when I gave in to going “briefly” through the mango sale, then the onset of colder weather in New York meant I really let me dive into the best that the internet has to offer.

Maybe it’s the sugar rush to let me run again – or maybe the freshness of a new season? – but it really does seem like there are a lot of good things to tempt my itchy fingers right now. Because I am always very thrifty, I decided to bombard my friends and colleagues with all of my best buys. It seemed rude not to also share them here for your benefit, so let’s go. Happy browsing and be sure to message me on any fashion, beauty, or home items you discover. I’m always here to share random cool stuff.

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