5 New Handbag Designers Out to Make the Next It Bag

Nothing makes me more dizzy than discovering a brand new creator. That’s why I can often find myself in an Instagram hole at 2 a.m., eight pages deep, my Saved folder brimming with new discoveries. For someone who searches the internet for the best buys on a daily basis, discovering new brands before they become cult favorites is a real pleasure and a skill honed.

Lately my Saved File has racked up a lot of new handbag designer around £ 500. Each of their creations is undoubtedly fresh, a difficult feat in today’s era of designer and logomania. From the perfect polished top-handle bags to the quirky printed mini bags that will make any wedding guest outfit, I’m sharing six new brands you might not have heard of yet but sure will soon.

Go ahead and discover the next big names in the accessories world, with love, from my Saved folder to yours.

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