5 Popular Jeans Brands That Are Big With Celebrities

It’s no secret that many of the amazing designer clothes that celebrities wear aren’t taken from their own closets – they’re expertly curated by the chic puppeteers of the fashion industry: the stylists. That’s why I think the real barometer of celebrity approval is what they end up buying with their own money. Thanks to their stylists, actresses have access to all designers under the sun, but only a selected number is actually put into their daily rotation.

So how do the best dressed in Hollywood really spend their money? I reached out to celebrity stylist Tiffany Breseno to find out. I asked her which denim brands celebrities are turning to right now, and as expected, she had all the answers. “Denim is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, and that includes the styling of the celebrities on the red carpet,” Breseno told me. Scroll down to shop the 5 Most Popular Celebrity Denim Brands, According to Breseno.

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