5 signature cocktails for our weekend at home

At the time of the Corona virus, everything takes a different form and the approach to normality appears altered. If there is a habit that has not ceased, even strengthened during the forced quarantine, it is to share a cocktail with the cloistered companions or with friends during the video calls that have raged on the screens of pc and cell phones. But on days like these, we cannot be satisfied with just any cocktail, here we offer you the recipes of five great names of Italian blending that have put their skill at our disposal in enhancing the simplicity of a great drink, allowing us to reproduce it at home .

Here are the author’s recipes for everyone:

Healthy Mule

by Federico Volpe – Dry

Volpe is the man who creates and signs the sophisticated drink lists of some of the most glamorous places in Milan, the Dry, so multifaceted that they can also be perfectly combined with the pizzas baked by Lorenzo Sirabella. For you it proposesHealthy Mule, a fresh and spicy cocktail in which saffron combines beautifully with the part of chamomile and cedar.


40 ml chamomile gin (one sachet per 100/150 ml of gin)
20 ml honey and saffron syrup
30 ml lime juice
60 ml apple and cucumber juice
1 pinch of turmeric
Ginger beer top

For the honey / saffron syrup:
dilute 250g of honey in a saucepan with 250ml of water. When the liquid is sufficiently warm, add the saffron (preferably in pistils) whose intensity can be adjusted according to your tastes. Bring the syrup to room temperature.

For the apple and cucumber juice:
Blend 2 golden apples and 1 cucumber in 1.5 liters of citron.
Strain into the bottle with the help of a narrow mesh strainer.

“Pour a pinch of turmeric, lime juice and honey and saffron syrup into a tumbler. Stir until the turmeric has dissolved. Add apple and cucumber juice and gin to the chamomile. Mix with ice and complete with ginger beer.
Decorate with a sprig of mint and icing sugar. “

Agave Martinez

by Walter Bolzonella – Bar Gabbiano in Belmond Hotel Cipriani in Venice

Walter Bolzonella is an institution in the world of Italian mixing, from his Venetian bar where he is head barman, he gives culture and savoir-faire to the counter.

Bolzonella chose theAgave Martinez, a cocktail inspired by the early 1920s and prohibition, an after dinner sweetened by the historic Turin vermouth Cocchi. “It is a cocktail with an abrupt and angular character but softened by the cocoa cream, sweetened by the mix of vermouth with the tequila and the mezcal which support the alcohol content, refreshed by the orange bitters which gives a tone of citrus freshness. It is perfect as an after dinner matched with dark chocolate (a great ally also in a good mood) or tiramisu. Agave Martinez is a drink that winks at times gone by, at the time of prohibition, at the Golden Age of cocktails when the drinks were direct, made with few ingredients and well balanced.


1 cl Carpano Antica Formula
2 cl Coconut Vermouth
1 cl Mezcal Casamigos
3 cl Tequila Casamigos Anejo
1 cl De Cacao Tempus Fugit cream
3 drops of Orange Bitters

“Pour the ingredients into a very cold mixing-glass. Add ice cubes and mix vigorously until the correct temperature is reached. Strain with a strainer (strainer) in an old-fashioned glass containing an ice cube and squeeze an orange and lemon peel over it. “


by Giulia Castellucci – Cocktail & Social CO.SO.

The female share is represented by one of the best barlady in circulation, Giulia Castellucci is co-owner and bar manager of the Roman club CO.SO. Cocktail & Social, as well as the face of the “Drink Me Out” broadcast on La7d (together with the couple Giampiero Francesca and Massimo Gaetano Macrì, creators of the first and only Guide to the Cocktail Bar, BlueBlazer, app to download for free because at the end of the quarantine we will certainly need it) . The proposed drink is theAmaricano. A slight reinterpretation of the classic “Americano” which, in addition to the three basic ingredients, is enriched with a bitter part with cinchona (digestive and restorative liqueur but usually used as an aperitif) and an aromatic part with Sicilian bitter Amara (obtained from he saw bitter oranges from Catania). “To make the drink more balanced I decided to shake it, usually it is not done for this drink”.


45 ml Vermont red
45 ml Campari bitters
10 ml china
10 ml bitter bitter
Top soda

“Put inside a 45ml red vermouth shaker (about one coffee cup), the same size as the Campari bitter, add a teaspoon of both china and bitter bitterness, fill the ice shaker and shake. Pour the contents into a preferably tall and narrow glass, already full of ice, finish the drink with a small drop of soda. Finally, put the chosen garnish on top of the cocktail: 2 dehydrated vegetable chips “.

Cherry Bomb

Alessandro Procoli – The Jerry Thomas Speakeasy

The glorious crew of the first secret bar in Italy, made up of Roberto Artusio, Leonardo Leuci, Antonio Parlapiano and Alessandro Procoli, offers something easy but which encompasses much of their history. It all started in The Jerry Thomas Speakeasy, in Rome, one of the few Italian representatives in the World’s 50 Best Bars and born ten years ago with a completely personal style: mixing distant memories but without nostalgia. A club in the heart of the capital where you can experiment and share travel, research, study, cultural exchanges, seminars such as the creation of the “Professor’s Vermouth”, the first of a long series of products designed in collaboration with the Quaglia Distilleries, including three gins of the highest quality. The cocktail is the Cherry Bomb, a fresh and light drink, extremely easy to prepare and reproduce even at home.


4 cl of Bitter Del Professore
15 cl of Cherry Soda Three Cents

“Just fill a glass with ice to the rim, add the Bitter Del Professore, then Cherry Soda Three Cents, mix with a bar spoon and garnish with a lemon zest. A very simple cocktail that perfectly embodies the concept of Italian Aperitif “.


by Patrick Pistolesi – Drink Kong

Still in the capital, let’s now rely on the volcanic Patrick Pistolesi who with his restaurant (Drink Kong appears in the World’s 50 Best Bars) gives prestige to mixing in the world! The proposed drink is part of the “Kudamono” category which means “everything related to fruit in Japanese”, one of the five categories proposed on its drink list. In this case we talk about raspberries and the cocktail is called Freya, the name of the Nordic goddess of fertility and love.

“To make it happen I ask you for an extra effort, let’s say that this is one of our simplest drinks and if you follow the recipe it will be simple for you too. Let’s start with the use of acids, acids are natural products, they exist in nature and are bought in bio shops, herbalists, wine shops or galenic pharmacies. For the citric solution, dissolve, even cold, 40gr. of citric acid and 20gr. of malic acid in a liter of water, and you will get what we call “fake lime” (you don’t have to make a liter of it, make it even less, the math is easy in this case).

Why not use lime directly? Because we want the drink to be shiny and transparent, also the sour note is accentuated in a more elegant way. As for the raspberry cordial 500gr are needed. of fresh raspberries, 1lt. of natural water, 200gr. sugar and 10gr. of malic acid. Take all the ingredients (except the powdered acid) and put them in a saucepan over medium / low heat, stirring constantly, when the sugar has dissolved and the liquid has come to a boil, turn off and let stand until it cools. Once cold, filter the liquid in a container and add by mixing the malic acid. ”

Alberto Blasetti / www.albertoblasetti.com

© Alberto Blasetti


30 ml Gray Goose
60 ml Blueberry cordial
2.5 ml Peach liquor
15 ml Citric solution
10 ml Sugar syrup

For the friendly:

Raspberries 500gr
Water 1lt
Sugar 200 gr
Malic acid 10 gr

“It should be mixed, then take a mixing glass or a glass, in the meantime chill a cocktail cup, add all the ingredients in the large glass and add a lot of ice, I recommend more ice there is better, a good cocktail is an iced cocktail ! Once cooled and diluted well, pour it into the cocktail cup which will now be nice cold, taking care to retain the ice. To health, Be Safe! Be Kong! “

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