5 Summer Makeup Looks That Will Dominate From Makeup Artists

Of all the things we have had to give up recently, the only beauty ritual I have missed the most is undoubtedly makeup every morning. Every normal day, I would say that I take no great joy in applying my makeup. In fact, I would say that I viewed it more as a chore. Fast forward so far, and I’ve never been so desperate to get creative with my face. Without really having to leave the house in the past few months, I had little reason to take out my makeup bag.

My Instagram saved files, on the other hand, are full to the brim with beautiful makeup looks that I can’t wait to recreate. From the pretty colorful eyeliner to the shiny tanned skin, I have never been so inspired to dig up my makeup bag and start playing. So now that the sun is starting to shine (and with the potential for outdoor excursions perhaps on the distant horizon), I think I’m ready to kiss all make-up. And it looks like I’m not alone, as people from afar (including fellow editor of Who What Wear) are slowly starting to reach their makeup bags.

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