5 Thoughtful Gifts That Go Above And Beyond



How to celebrate someone when they are far away? Or do you say thank you when you can’t just stop by or take them out to dinner? The art of thoughtful giving is more important today than ever. In this guide, we find the fanciest and most carefully considered gifts – items that can be shipped anywhere, anywhere that go beyond the ordinary and will make the recipient feels special and cared for. Whether it’s a host gift that’s sure to entertain, a birthday beauty set they’ll never get happy with, or a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and chocolate covered berries that require no occasion, here are five thoughtful ways to add that little extra to your next gift.

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Fruit flowers

Edible arrangements

$ 87.99

Maybe it’s a birthday, quieter than usual and far away. Or maybe you want to send your love in a way that shows you mean it. Brighten up their day with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and delicious berries dipped in chocolate. Edible Arrangements offers luxurious FruitFlowers pairings for any occasion, with mood-boosting flowers and a choice of decorated strawberries, traditional berries coated in chocolate. Personalize your gift for a truly thoughtful demonstration of care. Perfect for a special celebration or just to uplift someone when they least expect it.


Rummy tile set

We’ll be spending more time at home for a while – why not gift an item that makes this time more stimulating and fun? The acrylic boxes in this rummy game are so beautiful that they could easily stand on their own as sculptural pieces or coffee table design pieces. The games are sustainably produced, handcrafted in Miami from recycled materials – an added bonus.


Women’s leisure kit

In an age where hiking, exploring the outdoors, and trying out new active sports are more appealing than ever, a tasteful, shape-sculpting athleisure ensemble is a must. Upgrade his exercise clothes with a complete kit. You can customize the colorways, top and leggings to suit her tastes and give her everything she needs to go out, feel fresher and more polished than ever. The natural color palette always adds an unexpected touch that goes beyond the boring options it already has.


Ascending Clear Phoenix Ring

A beautifully designed statement piece is always a thoughtful gift. The twin sisters behind this ring take fine jewelry to the next level, telling a story through each piece. With eye-catching balls like their Rising Clear Phoenix signet ring (a nice rumination on the transformation) and the All Eyes Ring in dark purple amethyst (a protection against negative vibrations).


Get Ready Pedicure Kit

Bring them the spa with a luxury manicure / pedicure set. This includes non-toxic, professional-grade treatments like a luxurious citrus scrub and nourishing cuticle oil for the ultimate at-home treatment. Make it more special with the brand’s ethical green polishes, the most sophisticated shades we’ve seen on the market. This set is so elegantly produced – and chic – it’s arguably higher quality than most salon offerings.

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