5 Trends Londoners Are Embracing for Autumn 2020

Historically, when it came to London fashion trends, knowing what chic city dwellers wore was as easy as peering around a crowded tube. While the past few months have totally changed the way we live, work and socialize, this year figuring out what’s going on among Londoners has become a slightly more digital affair. Where once we took inspiration from stylish women on the tube, at work events, or sitting next to us at our local restaurants, now we take to Instagram to see what’s there.

So what are all your favorite Londoners wearing for fall? Well, with the current climate, it looks like we’re not quite ready to ditch loungewear just yet, although for fall influencers are elevating the style with the use of bespoke pieces and heels. Trench coats are, unsurprisingly, back, however, this year’s iterations often feature unique colourways. Trendy collared blouses are still going strong as one of this season’s key trends and influencers are also proving there’s no reason your woven tote should be left behind at the end of summer. . Keep scrolling to see five trends the London fashion ensemble is loving for fall.

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