6 Expert Tips for Getting the No-Makeup Makeup Look

I think a big misconception about getting minimal makeup is that people just do their skin and nothing else, “she tells us right away.”Makeup East mandatory, and it is important to include the eyes, lips and cheeks so that the look is always balanced. “

According to Phillips, less is definitely still more when it comes to what products you stack (or don’t stack), but strategically adding pops of color all over your face is key to giving your face dimension and achieving that coveted. “Sculpted” makeup MO models like Jenner and Bieber have made their mark. (Oh, and using versatile products is an easy way to achieve a minimal monochromatic look with the fewest formulas.)

Take the time to experiment with products and see what makes you most confident, “Adds Phillips.”Using quality products that you are comfortable with will help you achieve makeup-free makeup easily“Want more? Here, Phillips shares his top six tips for achieving perfect makeup without makeup with his simple 10-step process below. Keep scrolling!

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