6 Pretty Hairstyles French Women Love

Not a day goes by that we are not bombarded with headlines claiming to have cracked the code of French style, from effortless wardrobes to minimalist makeup. The coveted cool without trying aesthetic made famous by the French is something so sought after that we spend a lot of time researching here at Who What Wear. And one specific area that is still bubbling up as the ultimate moodboard inspiration is French hairstyles.

For many, the quintessential French haircut that you can spot all over Instagram may be the first style that comes to mind, but it’s so much more than that. Parisians have a very specific hairstyle philosophy that differs greatly from the more commonly accepted philosophy in the United States. “The biggest difference [between French and American hair rituals] French women do not visit the show as often as Americans ”, says Ciara Costenoble, celebrity hairstylist based in Paris. “They definitely have their hairdresser, but salon visits are usually one to four times a year. “

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