7 Cute, Easy Outfits to Throw Together When You’re Busy

Fun fact: I am this fashion person in my group of friends. You know, the one that’s basically the sartorial sounding board. Yes, when someone needs split second style advice, I have the choice. What can I say? I live for it. On that note, there is one question that those around me ask me more than anything else: what is a simple outfit that is trendy but takes little or no effort to put together?

My answer? Well, TBH, there are a few. In fact, I have seven painfully easy outfit formulas (made up of about three pieces or less) that I keep in my back pocket to suggest to my friends when they need something fancy using items in their closets. . But rather than continue chatting about them here, I thought I would offer some visual inspiration below to highlight my A + cuts for those on the go. Keep scrolling to check out my foolproof outfit ideas for a plethora of occasions to suit any busy soul. Oh, I also bought each look in case you want to add a few simple pieces to your arsenal.

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