7 Fall Trends a London-Based CEO Swears By

When it comes to inspirational fashion, London-based Creative Director and CEO Abisola Omole is at the top of my list. Her feed, @abimarvel, is filled with a range of beautiful fashion and lifestyle inspirations. But it’s really no surprise that she understands this given that she’s built a pretty rich career in the industry. She actually started a fashion and lifestyle blog in 2008 and founded The Apārtment in 2012, a digital and creative agency, which now specializes in event production, design and digital strategy. She also recently launched Arva (a contemporary consumer lifestyle brand) and Studio Arva (an interior styling and design studio). In addition to running her many businesses, this 20-year-old entrepreneur also finds time to consistently create top-notch, avant-garde and highly versatile outfits. It’s these looks that often stop me in my tracks as I scour IG in search of ideas.

On that note, Omole recently released this set with the caption, “I can’t even lie, I feel really cool when I wear this outfit.” It made me want to know more. I reached out to her to find out about the other fall items that are making her “freakishly cool” when she’s wearing them right now. Of course, his answers were A +.

Below, you’ll learn about the specific Omole pieces for the season and why. I have also included other inspired choices for your viewing or shopping pleasure. Keep scrolling for more – you might just come across a new find that will make you crazy cool as well.

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