7 Thanksgiving Nail Colors That Are So Classic

When you think of fall, what are the first things that come to mind? The sweater weather is probably one thing. Starbucks’ popular PSL could be another, as could the sound (and smell) of the crunchy leaves and, of course, Thanksgiving. Turkey Day is like the unofficial kickoff of the holiday season. Gifts are given, delicious food is devoured, and family time is of the utmost importance. In other words, Thanksgiving is such a classic fall time, but it can really pop up out of the blue.

Because Thanksgiving tends to take over all of us, we’ve decided to create a handful of dress-up guides that will come in handy when planning your outfit on the day (because yes, we’ve all done that). Plus, we’ve also decided to highlight some of the more classic Thanksgiving nail colors that are sure to take your festive outfit to a new level of freshness. From fall orange to matte brown, seven shades are absolute Thanksgiving classics.

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