8D music: how the latest web trend works

8D music: how the latest web trend works? It has undeniably been the protagonist of an infinite series of chains, sending and forwarding on the group and private chats of the various messaging services such as WhatsApp or Telegram. We are talking about 8D music, the new frontier of listening to music. Strictly in headphones.

But what is 8D music?

Listening to the now famous Pentatonix song that we will all have had the opportunity to receive, the effect is that of listening to a piece of music reproduced from multiple sound sources located in different places in space. Not only a change of channel between the right ear or the left ear, but also in front, behind, nearer or further away: it is as if the source of the sound moved around us at 360 ° spherical. In short, a movement in 3 dimensions or in 3D (forget about the other 5 which are pure hyperbole).

How does 8D music work?

The correct definition is binaural sound, sound reproduction technique particularly used in the field of Virtual Reality to increase immersion. In fact, what allows us to have a totally spatial sensation is the application of different filters to the sound. On the one hand we have the classic panning – the transition from the right channel to the left channel of the headphones – on the other the application of post production effects such as reverberation or flanger to create spatial illusions. A sort of “audio-retouch” to make what is not seem real.

Is 8D music new?

The answer is very simple: no.

Just go to YouTube to discover a huge number of 8D music channels open since 2015. Listen to believe

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