A Guide to Sugaring for Hair Removal

While sugar can be similar to waxing, there are a number of benefits that set it apart:

It’s all natural. “With a formula made up only of sugar, water and lemon, it is 100% biodegradable and better for the planet,” says Blake.

It is less painful. “Because the sugar paste is applied at a lower temperature than the wax and the hair is removed in the direction it grows, the skin is less irritated and red,” says Blake. “Customers will still feel a slight prick at the root of the hair pulled out of the tiny pore, but there isn’t that lingering burning sensation that leaves the wax behind because the sugar paste has no resins to grip the living skin. like wax. catches dead skin and hair. “

You will have less ingrown hairs. “This technique gently pulls hairs in the same direction as they grow. As a result, the sugar is less painful and helps prevent ingrown hairs from forming,” says Rodney.

It is soft. Because of this, sugar can also be applied multiple times to the same spot during the same session, Rodney adds.

It exfoliates the skin. You also get a similar benefit when you epilate. Rodney says the sugar helps unclog pores and removes excess residue from the hair follicle.

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