A Model Steps Behind the Camera

Last name: Miles garber

Age: 30

Hometown: Los Angeles

Now lives: In a 1930s Spanish-style duplex in the Laurel Canyon section of Los Angeles with his wife and baby daughter.

Claiming fame: Mr. Garber is a former top model who in the late 2010s and early 2010s appeared in Details magazine and on the catwalks of Patrik Ervell and Band of Outsiders. Her post-show career is helping to found a creative agency and a candle business. “I always knew that modeling was not forever,” he said. “So I was always trying to get an internship or find a job.”

Big cut: Mr Garber was discovered at 15 while skateboarding near Fairfax High School in Los Angeles, after heckling a green sports car he found flashy and obnoxious. When the driver turned around, Mr. Garber was expecting trouble, but instead received a business card from an LA Models scout.

“He said my mom is calling him, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, man, whatever,’” Mr. Garber said. A self-proclaimed punk, he was pulled over by mall security later that day for skating, and he used the card to defuse the situation with his mother, who ended up calling the number. “And I’ve shaped half of my life,” Garber said.

Latest project: Last year, Mr. Garber and his friend Lucky Tennyson started a design studio, Dbfiftythree, which designs and conducts photo and video shoots for clients such as Levi’s and Corridor, a menswear brand. “I’m not afraid of the 18-hour day,” he says. “It’s a weird time to have a creative agency, but it’s not a weird time either. It’s a really fun time to be a young designer. “

Next thing: Mr Garber also founded Hands, a craft candle company, with his friends Danielle Gaito and Giffen Clark Ott, after they gave him hand-cast candles for his birthday. They sell three geometric candles made from filtered beeswax, including the pyramid ($ 55), and are working with Puppets and Puppets, an arty New York fashion brand, on four candles inspired by a deck of cards. . Other household items are on the way. “We’re becoming a strange lifestyle brand,” Garber said.

A pandemic pivot: Last year’s lockdown didn’t slow Mr. Garber down. “Maybe I’m stupid, but I started two businesses and had a baby,” he said of 2020. “I feel like it’s not a scary time to start something, I feel like it’s actually time to start something. For example, if I can do it now, I can do it anytime. “

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