A Pro Hairstylist Rates TikTok’s Viral Heatless Curl Methods

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If you’ve spent your evenings in quarantine scrolling through TikTok like we did, you’ve undoubtedly spotted the heatless looping methods that have gone viral on the platform. Gen Z content creators have experimented with different ways to achieve curly or wavy hair, without using thermal tools like flat irons and curling irons. And frankly, we love it for them.

Some of the TikTok methods are new and innovative, and some have been used and used by hairdressers for ages (fashion and beauty trends are cyclical, after all). But what these viral heatless loop methods all have in common is that they turn out to be unbelievable. However, because we know that what’s posted on social media isn’t always the whole story, we reached out to award-winning stylist and owner of Toronto-based Jason Lee Salon Jason Lee to find out which methods are legitimate and worthwhile. worth a try. , and which ones are best to skip, depending on your hair type.

Before taking the plunge, Lee notes that “all of these techniques require a little bit of moisture to get started in order for the hair to set overnight. If you try any of these techniques on dry hair, you run the risk of nothing happening.

Read on for a description of the most viral heatless looping methods on TikTok.

Pigtails bathrobe

@natseleen_THIS REALLY WORKS 🙀 # heatlesscurls ♬ 1991 – ♡

“This technique works because of the size and diameter of the robe belt and the fact that it’s a softer material; it will create a softer wave pattern, ”says Lee. One thing Lee notes is that this method will work best for fine to medium hair. “For those with naturally curly hair, this can actually stretch your curl.” Finally, Lee says, “If you try this technique, don’t be afraid to run a finishing product with your fingers to soften the sections afterwards, and a little texture spray to create a smooth finish. [effortless] Look.”

Rating: 8/10

Bun bathrobe

@ daisy.wolanski Yes or no to curls without heat? 🦋 ♥ ️✨ #hairtutorial #trendy #hairgoals #inspiration #wakeupmakeup #amazing # curls ♬ Originalton – Daisy Wolanski

This heatless curl technique is similar to the one above, but rather than leaving the hair in pigtails, you tie it up in a bun. “By anchoring it in a bun, you change the root zone of the finished style,” says Lee. “Basically, you’re stretching the root, so you won’t get a finished look that’s too bulky, especially in the front. I would suggest, as you get closer to the ends, use less tension and stretch the hair as you roll it up. This method is a good option for those with super straight hair who just want to add a little texture to the ends, or for those with wavy hair who want to create a more even wave pattern. Worried about flat roots? “Add a little dry shampoo to the roots to get a little volume,” suggests Lee.

Rating: 7/10

Flower Curl

@lillyvanbrooklynTUTORIAL for issue 3 🧚🏻 #fyp #hairtok # heatlesscurls ♬ original sound – _jennaleman

“I like this technique because it’s quite organized and divided into sections, which makes the job a lot easier,” says Lee. “But again, we have a situation where the root zone can get too flat if you don’t have a lot of natural volume in your hair. You also want to make sure that your ends are evenly attached, otherwise you will end up with what we call “ hook ends ” which is when the ends bend in a way that is not intentional. Make sure to tuck your ends in before securing so you don’t get any ends that look warped. “

Rating: 7/10


@cameliakatzheatless curls with socks 🧦 #LittleVoice #HurtMyFeelings #moodflip #hairtutorial #SongOfTheSummer # stepintolove ♬ you need I have no idea – Djs.29

“It’s perfect for those with longer hair,” says Lee. It is also easy to manipulate the size of the loop with this method. “If you want a bigger wave, try a thicker sock.” Lee suggests sleeping with a silk scarf on this technique so as not to disturb the hair when you let it sit. “The less movement, the better.”

Rating: 9/10

Curling tape

@ivarinsiruvakunRemove the curling ribbon #fyp #hairtok #heatlesshair #curls #heatlesshair #theori #hmong # hmoob ♬ Sugar Daddy – Qveen Herby

“I love this one,” says Lee. “It works well because it wraps the hair downwards, which actually goes with the way hair falls naturally. Using a satin hose like this gives a uniform loop pattern as it has enough stiffness to keep the loops from tightening near the ends. You need this support to create an even bending pattern from root to ends. “

Rating: 10/10


@inkedxmommyStrawcurls #strawcurls #hair #love # beauty ♬ original sound – Marissaaa

“It used to be called the ‘telephone cord technique’,” says Lee. While definitely effective, its biggest drawback is that “it takes a tremendous amount of time, both to make and to remove.” (And also uses a ton of straws.) This might not be the way to go for those with straight or wavy hair, but it would work on anyone “with natural curls to help set them in. hair. Maybe try a larger sized straw or pipe when experimenting with this, so that it matches your natural curl pattern, ”says Lee.

Rating: 7/10

“Anytime you wrap hair around the surface of an object, it will use that surface as a guide as it dries,” says Lee. The key is to find the method that works best for your hair type. and the type of curl or wave you are looking for.

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