A Proposal Before Dinner Proved Risky

When Amit Seth started proposing to Sue Jin Lee in 2019 on a balcony overlooking the ocean in Ischia, an Italian island off the coast of Naples, she walked away, back to their hotel room. She was not overwhelmed with emotion or opposed to getting engaged. She was hungry, cranky, and she had already passed trying to anticipate when Mr. Seth was going to ask her to be his wife.

The ballet program that he brandished, from one of their first dates, did not initially appear as a prelude to a proposal. “I wonder why you brought this?” said Ms. Lee, director of partnerships and audience development at Women’s Wear Daily. “I just didn’t put two and two together.”

This was not the first time that Ms. Lee and Mr. Seth found themselves operating at different paces. The night they met in 2017 at a crowded bar in Manhattan’s deli district, she first rejected his advances, then suggested they talk more elsewhere, before suddenly announcing that she had to quit. their new location for a meeting.

“I was like, ‘My god, I went from rejecting a drink to being dragged to another bar to be told now that she has to go because she’s late for a drink,” M said. Seth, Executive Director of JP Morgan Asset Management. “I’m like, it’s a yo-yo.”

Mr. Seth’s pace was just as complicated. When he first approached Ms. Lee, after a night of partying with friends, he was unusually brash and outgoing, traits she tends to find off-putting in men. And although he pursued Ms. Lee afterwards with great vigor, and said he knew within weeks that they would eventually marry, he was committed to moving their relationship forward slowly and cautiously.

None of these deviations turned out to be detrimental in the end. After their first meeting, Mr. Seth was not upset by Ms. Lee’s hasty departure. Their slight misunderstanding in Italy was also quickly resolved. When Ms Lee saw that Mr Seth had opened a ring box, she immediately came to attention and accepted his proposal, her appetite and fatigue completely forgotten.

“I kind of passed out,” Ms. Lee, 31, said.

The frantic yo-yo movement that Mr. Seth, 41, said characterized the couple’s first interaction quickly turned into what Ms. Lee called an “ebb and flow.”

This dynamic was on display at the couple’s outdoor wedding on March 20 at the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach, Florida. The ceremony, chaired by the groom’s sister, Rashmi Seth, ordered by the American Marriage Ministries, included Koreans and Hindus. and American elements. After exchanging vows in front of 21 guests, Mr. Seth tied a mangalsutra necklace around Ms. Lee’s neck to represent, sanctify and protect their auspicious bond.

A modernized version of the personalized Korean wedding pyebaek followed the reception dinner. Mr Seth’s parents were given dates and chestnuts to throw at Ms Lee to welcome her into their family and symbolically encourage the newlyweds to have children. But instead of lobbing them one by one for the bride and groom to catch in the detachable train of Ms Lee’s dress, their fathers Dr Ravi Seth and John Lee tossed it all out at the same time as a suggestion joking that they had many children.

Their stock of ceremonial fruits and nuts instantly ran out, the two sets of parents, along with Ms. Lee and Mr. Seth, toasted each other with Korean rice wine.

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