Activewear and sustainability: the three new generation international brands to know

In recent years we have been witnessing a real evolution of our daily life towards a more responsible and attentive approach towards the environment around us.

A commitment also married to the world of fashion, thanks to the creation of more sustainable lines, recyclable packaging and a particular respect for each of us. The well-being and protection of our world have become two essential conditions to keep in mind during our days, made up of work, interests, social relationships and sports. It is precisely on the latter aspect of our daily life that more and more activewear brands choose sustainability, preferring natural textile fibers or recycled materials.

From running to yoga, passing through pilates and dance, sportsmen know that technical clothing is essential, and it is in this light that The Minu, Norba and Inhala Soulwear go to be inserted: three international brands born interpreting the concept of responsibility combined with essential, comfortable and hyper feminine lines.

We present them to you:

The Minu

The Italian brand created by Alessandra Albertini in 2019, combines sustainability and clothing in a single key concept: activewear that cares. After studying and an experience for a consulting company, the creative moved to Australia, working for an activewear brand first, then moving to India and approaching the world of Yoga that led her to reflect more deeply on female sports-related needs afterwards.

“The Minu was born from the desire to bring sport into everyday life, because sport is for everyone, regardless of the” level reached “, you just need to know it. The Minu is a brand that aims at inner well-being as well as physical well-being, why do sport is good for the mind even before the body. I have never been an ad-hoc sportswoman but through the practice of yoga I understood that being sporty could have many facets. Thanks to yoga I learned to listen to myself and to trust myself Thanks to the experience in Australia I learned to adapt and love every corner of the world. Thanks to my study path I understood the strength of the mind and the importance of the surrounding environment. “ Alessandra tells us.

Starting from the four cardinal elements that underpin the essence of The Minu – performance, sustainability, style and femininity – the brand offers performing and body-shaping collections made in an environmentally sustainable way thanks to the recycled Econyl nylon, which was born thanks to a process of regeneration of the nylon through the recovery of industrial waste and fishing nets abandoned in the oceans. The process can be repeated indefinitely, obtaining a 100% recycled high quality yarn that maintains the same characteristics as new nylon.

All the pieces in the collection are aimed at any type of woman adapting to the shapes of the body and are accompanied by unique prints, created specifically for the brand. “All the prints are very colorful, the goal is in fact to convey joy, positivity and desire to train. Wearing a comfortable suit, colorful and with a “body shaping” effect makes you feel and see well. And so it feels better, more toned and also happier! “ Alessandra continues.

The Minu was born as a real celebration to women in their facets and strengths, and it is the names of the garments that are dedicated to different female characters: the bra is dedicated to Steffi Graf, the legendary winner of the Golden Slam, and Top Hypatia is named after the Greek astronomer and philosopher, while the leggings are a tribute to Astrid Lindegren, the “mother” of “Pippi Longstocking”.


There are three characteristics of Norba: minimal style, high performance fabrics, and perfect fit. Born in 2018 from the idea of ​​two sisters, Olha and Helen Norba, the brand was born in Ukraine and is made of Econyl, the nylon created by recovering scraps of synthetic fabrics and plastic from the oceans.

“We created Norba about two years ago wanting to create a perfect and minimal type of clothing for training. The idea of ​​athleisure has been around for some time, but we noticed that it was still impossible to find sportswear that perfectly suited the women’s wardrobe. Developing a brand responsibly in this particular historical moment is not optional, it is the only option we have and it is exactly what everyone in the fashion world should do now. Certainly there is a lot of work to do and there is a constant search for more sustainable fabrics and commercial practices, but we are doing everything possible to guarantee high quality by respecting the ethical standards of our brand. “ tell the founders. “There is a lot of” greenwashing “around, so we have to learn a lot about what sustainability really means and what the impact on the environment that we produce is.”

All the pieces are made in Ukraine, supporting the local economy and are aimed at all women to motivate them not only through physical activity but also for their own personal well-being: “Go for it, girl!”

Inhala Soulwear

“Inhala” takes its name from the English verb “To inhale”, inhale, and reflects what the spirit of the brand is: connecting mind, body and soul through the use of recycled and natural fabrics of excellent quality combined with creative prints and designs.

Born in Peru, Inhala follows the “slow-fashion” movement, producing small capsule collections in certified laboratories and collaborates with various artists including international photographers and creatives called to tell their art through the brand’s fabrics.

“Inhala Soulwear was founded with the principle of creating a sustainable and circular product from start to finish. Our goals are to minimize waste and protect the resources of our planet, in fact 80% of our fabrics are certified and come from regenerated ocean waste. What we always try to have is a plastic free approach: all our packaging is recycled and recyclable in turn, and our customers share our values ​​by understanding the importance of supporting initiatives that protect our ecosystem. “ the three founders explain to us.

The brand lines are simple and feminine, and in addition to the packaging, the tags of the activewear pieces are also made with organic materials, with a special peculiarity: a basil seed that every customer can plant, and for every online purchase the brand undertakes to offset the emissions of shipments by planting new trees.

The target for 2020? Minimize waste through the use of excess production fabrics by creating a small line of products donated free of charge to customers.

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