Airbnb for doctors and nurses in the Coronavirus emergency

It is not easy today for doctors or nurses to find someone who rents their home to them. On the web, on the radio, on TV you can hear the testimonies of many of them: they are looking for a home or because they have moved or because they simply do not want to go home endangering those in the family who are more at risk than others because they suffer from other pathologies . They seek it but they do not find it, because people are afraid of contagion. Therefore, the initiative of Airbnb, a global travel platform, is commendable. Is called Airbnb for doctors and nurses ( and not only makes homes available to medical personnel but it does so absolutely free of charge.

Doors open to the emergency, therefore. Across Italy there will be thousands of new hires of doctors and nurses expected in the coming weeks. Many of them will find themselves in the need to urgently move to another city to carry out their assignment.

Thanks to this initiative, the hosts who have expressed the desire to make their apartment available without compensation will be put in simple and direct contact with the hospital staff who will be able to choose, in a few minutes, the most suitable accommodation for their needs. Airbnb will cover the costs of the operation, also allowing coverage of the current expenses for the hosts.

To manage requests, which may be made by individual health professionals but also by hospital structures, Airbnb will collaborate with the OspitaMI association in managing the booking process by directly contacting doctors and nurses who will complete the request online.

“We share with our hosts the desire to make a contribution to combat this challenge. It is a wish that has been expressed to us by the owners of the individual apartments and by the small hospitality entrepreneurs, available to offer their accommodation without compensation even though they are experiencing a moment of great difficulty “ he has declared Giacomo Founded, Country Manager of Airbnb Italy. “Making your home available to health workers is an easy way to show solidarity with those who are on the front lines to combat the emergency and we believe it is our duty to offer our contribution, recognizing a refund to the hosts who will open their homes “.


For those looking for accommodation
Doctors, nurses or hospitals can send their request through the website. All those who complete the online questionnaire with all the information requested will be contacted by the OspitaMI association, an Airbnb partner in this initiative, who will support them in identifying the best solution and manage the booking process. Accommodation for healthcare professionals will be completely free for up to two months.

For those who want to offer accommodation
Anyone wishing to make their accommodation available on airbnb can apply to the same address. Already active Airbnb hosts will be able to make their property available in a few clicks. The selected hosts will be contacted by OspitaMI who will explain the mechanism for accessing the Airbnb contribution.

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