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Today he disappeared, at 90 years old, Alberto Arbasino one of the (re) provocative agents of Italian writing and culture. Journalist, poet, writer, deputy, theatrical critic but above all an agitator of consciences: born in Voghera in 1930, Arbasino has marked the cultural history of our country with immortal and immortalizing works, equipped with those superb and elegant claws of which only the feline minds are equipped. His is the figure of the “Housewife of Voghera”, his also the description of the life span of an author who goes from “young promise” to “venerable master” with an unflattering parenthesis, his some bitter provocations that have repeatedly put at the center of debates and controversies.

We want to remember him with some of his most famous phrases, leaving once again the task of becoming memory to his pen.

Whoever believes in hell goes to hell

Today, stupidity is asked in public, and it gives interviews.

The sleep of reason produces ministers.

In “Village Saturday” Leopardi said that Sunday brings sadness and boredom. Bravo him: go and tell a metalworker.

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