Alessandro Michele guest of The Sex Ed Podcast

Alessandro Michele is the protagonist and special guest of the inaugural episode of the third season of The Sex Ed Podcast, the series launched by the digital platform that aims to inspire conversations on the theme of sexual well-being and to explore the ways in which sexuality is experienced and expressed.

The special episode, online one week in advance on the rest of the episodes of the third series, collects the interview that the creative director of Gucci has given to Liz Goldwyn, host of the podcast and founder of The Sex Ed, at the Gucci Hub in Milan after the Fall Winter 2020-2021 fashion show. In this intimate conversation, Alessandro talked about his erotic relationship with nature, why Rome is his lover, beyond the boundaries of masculinity, and how he draws daily to the orgasmic energy.

Alessandro Michele said: “When people ask me what I think of sex, I usually say, ‘It depends on what you think of sex.’ The idea of ​​sex is the idea of ​​God. The idea of ​​sex is the idea of ​​energy, it’s the idea of ​​being in contact with the things that make me feel alive. “

The Gucci fashion house will sponsor the entire third series of podcasts, whose illustrations have been created in collaboration with Black Women Animate, a creative studio that employs and supports black women, black women and non-binary black people.

Project founder Liz Goldwyn commented: “I am delighted to be a partner of Gucci for the third season of the The Sex Ed podcast. Fashion, beauty and sex naturally go hand in hand. As Jean Cocteau wrote, ‘humans in their primordial state want only three things: refuge, food and sex. All this fad causes people to think that clothes are worn to be worn. No … the most beautiful clothes are worn to be taken off “. Alessandro Michele’s explicit views on fashion, masculinity, orgasmic energy and the link between sexuality and spirituality closely reflect those of The Sex Ed “.

Audio storytelling is not new to Gucci, which has been told for some time through the Gucci Podcasts: here the maison tells its philosophy and its aesthetics, also through the voices of Alessandro Michele’s collaborators and artists, creatives and visionaries inspired by the world Gucci. The latest published podcast of the series features chef Massimo Bottura and Gucci president and CEO Marco Bizzarri, who unveil the new Gucci Osteria in Los Angeles.

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