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Autumn offers the joys of falling leaves, pulling out big sweaters and pumpkin spices filtering through the air like oxygen. That said, the season can really make quite a few on your lips. (Not to mention the stress of a global pandemic and a very important November 3.) Just like the world feels like it’s cracking up, Glossier introduces a new moisturizing balm so your lips don’t have to. Meet Dotcom Wild Fig Balm, the brand’s first-ever limited-edition flavor of their fan favorite lip balm.

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Dotcom Wild Fig Balm

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$ 12.00

This transparent tinted color is reminiscent of the interior of a fig, hence the fruity nickname. (Wouldn’t you know, figs are actually in season, according to Whole Foods Who Know Everything.) The hydration infused formula uses a variety of cruelty-free ingredients to provide nutrition. There is castor seed oil to retain moisture, beeswax to protect against seasonal drought, Cupuacu fruit extract for a smooth texture, and sugar leaf extract. rosemary for a dose of antioxidants.

Wild Fig joins Glossier’s range of other healing shades, including Original, Mint, Rose, Coconut, Cherry, Mango, Berry, and Birthday (the Milk Bar-inspired flavor we love). But just like your grandma’s jar of sweet fig jam didn’t last forever, this flavor is only available for a short time.

dotcom shine balm range

Courtesy of Glossier

Like its predecessors, Wild Fig costs $ 12 and can be purchased as part of a customizable $ 30 trio. That means investing one for your gym bag, desk drawer, and nightstand, that is, if you’re allowed to go back to the first pair of activities.

To apply, simply apply the balm to your chapped lips to restore their softness. Glossier also encourages you to lift the tube up to your nose, allowing the calming power of the fig to seep into your soul. At this point in 2020, we’ll try anything.

Wild Fig is now available on for $ 12.

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