An Upper East Side Source for Hamantaschen

Purim, one of the happiest Jewish holidays, will take place at sunset on Thursday. Hamantaschen are plump triangular cookies with toppings like apricot, poppy seeds and even a few savory combinations. The Gourmet Bakery, opened by Jonathan Weizman as a pandemic-inspired offshoot of his wholesale catering business, has Mark Fiorentino, who once worked for Daniel Boulud, and Claudio Miolin, formerly at Pasquale Jones, cooking them. Butterfield Market on the Upper East Side sells the apricot, raspberry and Nutella butter hamantaschen, $ 16 for nine.

Butterfield Market, 1114 Lexington Avenue (78th Street), 212-288-7800; 1150 Madison Avenue (85th Street), 212-758-2800,

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