Anna Wintour: “Even in difficult times you have to know how to say thank you”

Anna Wintour and gratitude

When life changes, we notice things in a new way. For example, I am sure that in the past few weeks, you have all become much more aware of every inch of your home. And I guess you discovered the strange feeling of wearing a mask when you leave the house. As we learned from healthcare professionals, this represents one of the most important measures we can take to slow down the spread of the virus. If you don’t have a mask, you can use tissue to cover the nose and mouth. But be sure to follow this new directive; it is more important than ever.

Anna Wintour
Anna Wintour

Masks, safety distance and quarantined weeks at home: our daily lives have changed radically. I think of those little pleasures that we used to take for granted, like going to the theater, a dinner with friends, going to the office, and which now seem impossible luxuries. It is true that these are times of anxiety and sadness, and that the future will still hold for us, but I also believe that they are times in which to be grateful. I feel incredibly grateful for the people I have heard these days, friends and acquaintances whom I have known for years but with whom I have perhaps not been in close contact as I should have been.

It was a pleasant surprise to have re-connected the relationships by e-mail, telephone or Zoom, as well as to notice, from time to time, how open and sincere people are and how grateful we are all to be able to hear and chat. Isolation reminds us of how much we all need each other.

There are also other things I’m grateful for, especially generosity. I felt very touched by the many philanthropic gestures of the fashion community first of all but, of course, also of the numerous donors, large and small, who offered their support and support to A Common Thread, the CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund that we set up to help American designers in this time of crisis.

Anna Wintour
Anna Wintour

If you have not yet looked at the testimonials sent to Vogue by these stylists, I warmly invite you to do so. Listening to these incredible talents and creatives to speak so candidly about what they are going through is a deeply touching experience. It reminds us that the fashion community is exactly that: a community of people, who needs our help now more than ever.

What else am I grateful for? For my granddaughter, who celebrated the three years the other day with a ‘virtual’ birthday party. Many people attended via Zoom and it was a great joy to see her so happy.

My granddaughter Carolina, who turned 3 the other day

And, I will not be the first to say it, but I am grateful for the governor of New York, who appears in front of the cameras every day and speaks to us honestly about the crisis in which we find ourselves. It tells us the truth without gilding the pill; a gesture that our President just can’t make. A gesture that I find incredibly reassuring. We are very fortunate to have a governor like him.

And I am grateful for my team at Vogue, which continues to work in difficult circumstances, producing stories and content for our site that I am really proud of and planning the new issue that I am very happy with. Finding ways to collaborate is very difficult right now, but my colleagues have proven themselves up to the situation, some taking care of small children or needy family members at the same time. I am extremely grateful to all of them.

© Photo: David Hockney; Shutterstock

Finally, I am grateful for daffodils! Especially those of David Hockney. I have always loved his art and recently, this 82-year-old artist created new paintings on his iPad and they are nothing short of magnificent. His daffodils are extraordinary: a vision of color, optimism and hope, which reminds us that these days of isolation will not last forever and that new ideas continue to be born and blossom.

Anna Wintour’s article was originally published in Vogue Us.

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