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L’anxiety it’s a lot of trouble common and widespread, especially in periods of strong weather stress psychological, like what the world population is experiencing due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the consequent lockdown. It manifests itself with sensations of anguish, palpitations, sweating, a sense of suffocation, up to panic attacks. Search forhelp from a doctor in the most serious and frequent cases it is fundamental. In the others it is possible to try ad relieve the symptoms with the use of natural remedies, from ancient practices and results for the most unexpected. Among these is thearomatherapy, a discipline born out of phytotherapy and that harnesses the power of plants and flowers by extracting them essential oils pure able to instill well-being in the body. It acts through the most powerful of the senses: thesmell. In the tradition Ayurvedic the nose is considered the brain gate. Through the sensors present in the nose, in fact, we communicate with the system limbic, the emotional part of our brain, that linked to the primordial choices, which cannot be controlled, and which guide us without realizing it. Stimulating this sense helps to find inner well-being, fighting anxiety and anguish. Doing it in this period is even more important, because it allows us to regain possession of it smells of nature, that we are not allowed to live, and to use their strength to find serenity. To guide us in choosing the ideal essential oils to choose at this moment, and in any other period of anxiety and stress, it helps us Barbara Pozzi, founder of olfactory (, aromatherapy expert, who produces in an artisanal way 100% natural essential oils and botanical perfumes in his factory in the province of Ravenna. “In this historical moment we need essential oils that can give us one concentration different from what we usually look for in our office days, “explains Barbara. “They must help us find a focus different, a goal to pursue, to contrast anxiety and negative thoughts, stimulating mind and body to achieve the well-being necessary to project us into the future“.



Stimulate the relaxation, harmonizes the nervous system, rebalances and helps set goals.


Restores energy, helps get rid of fears, returns security and sense of protection.


Work on concentration, on willpower and dignity, it appeases fears and instills confidence. Helps focus on goals.


It is the plant solar for excellence. It performs an action calming on the psyche and nervous system. It prevents blockages of the sympathetic nervous system and stimulates the parasympathetic one. Helps to get rid of conditioning and instills courage.


It is a very powerful plant. Increases energy andenthusiasm, invigorates the tired mind, removes stress and tension. Eliminate negative thoughts, helping to visualize the future.


It has an action stimulant which increases security in case of fear, revitalizes in the event of a blockage, promoting determination and releasing the oppression caused by negative thoughts.


It is the flower of the dream, associated in the Arab tradition with the stars of heaven. Reconcile sleep and relaxation. It gives optimism, trust, security and allows us to dream. It helps to overcome the imposed external conditions. It’s a healing of the soul.


We recommend using essential oils as in three ways.

  1. 1

    IN DIFFUSION: pour 2-3 drops of essential oil into the water of the aroma diffuser. It will serve to create aatmosphere relaxed in the room, while the greater percentage of humidity released into the air will help preserve the hydration of the skin and mucous membranes.

  2. 2

    BY INHALATION: pour 2 drops of essential oil on one map. Sit down and close your eyes. Inhale attentively and relaxed, first from one nostril and then from the other, and watch the thoughts and colors that arise. When you feel a feeling of well-being, you will have grasped the essence of the plant, its message.

  3. 3

    TRANSDERMIC WAY: add 2-3 drops of essential oil in the oil or in the body cream. It can be applied all over the body, or concentrated in some areas to be massaged, as Anglo-Saxon aromatherapy teaches: under the sole of the foot, on the chest, behind the nape, in the center of the forehead and in the hollow of the neck.


DINNER CONVERSATIONS, the international network of women founded by the London entrepreneur Natasha Slater, launches Wonder Pearl, a chocolate that contains all the beneficial qualities of pearl powder, rich in amino acids, calcium and magnesium: a super nutrient that boasts anti-aging, anti-oxidant and, above all, properties anti-anxiety. Chocolates are made with pink cocoa beans mix with pearls which comes from freshwater farms sustainable. The whole Made in Italy thanks to Depuravita, the Italian brand of juicing is clean beauty.

“Wonder Pearl is a real ingredient that simultaneously nourishes thesoul and external beauty, every bite is an intense sensorial experience “, says Natasha Slater, Founder of the Dinner Conversations format.” It is a product that increases the inner calm and female vitality thanks to the infinite properties of pearl powder, which has been the beauty secret of women of the ancient world for centuries “.

Wonder Pearl, in pack of 30 chocolates, will be available starting April 8 online on the site at the price of 65 euros. For each package purchased, part of the proceeds will be donated to the fundraising campaign End Violence Against Women # Covid19 which for Italy will support the National Telephone Volunteer Association Rosa, which manages the free public service number 1522 and which is promoted by the Prime Minister-Equal Opportunities Department.

A pack of “Wonder Pearl” chocolates

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